Monday, April 1, 2013

dulcie wears...

Dulcie wears...

Dress - 50p, Salvation Army

Cardigan - 30p, Oxfam

Tights - £2.99, H&M

Tiger wrist rattle - model's own.

It just amused me that her tights cost more than three times as much as the rest of the outfit combined!

Here are a few more pictures of her getting up to no good during the fashion photo shoot.  She's worked out how to set the timer on the oven and make it beep, something her father is yet to achieve.  She's a technological genius, I tell you!

Very pleased with herself.

She's got the middle-distance gaze of a catalogue model down pat.  I'm off to google baby-model agencies.  I want to see this face on the front of a knitting pattern!  Only joking - she is not easy to photograph, which I'm sure would not count in her favour as a knitwear model...

Before I go, I just wanted to say thanks for all the kind emails and comments after my brain blurb of Friday night.  I've been feeling a bit better since I wrote it and have realised something about blogging too, namely that just because everybody COULD read my blog, it doesn't mean everybody DOES read my blog, hence why I am perfectly justified in sharing things here that I don't necessarily want to be full-blown common knowledge among my real-life circle of acquaintances.  I'm glad I got that cleared my own mind!


  1. Laura,
    If it wasn't for your blog we wouldn't know anything which is fine because we appreciate that you are a private person. However, we just want to say that you are doing a brilliant job in spite of everything and are thinking of you POSITIVELY! We love everything about your blog. Good and bad stuff! That's life isn't it and of course keeping track of Dulcie's developments. Oven timer, really! Lots of love. Aunty Ruth & Co. XXXX


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