Tuesday, January 27, 2015

cold days at the park

 It can be hard to persuade Dulcie to leave the house these days, so when she said she wanted to spend Friday afternoon in the park, I felt I couldn't refuse, even though the weather was atrocious.  We had the park all to ourselves, but looking at this picture, that's hardly surprising.  It was basically a rainy ice rink.
 The Botanics as a whole were pretty much deserted, except for the people who were getting things ready for the mysterious Electric Gardens event.  Lots of interesting objects were popping up (this giant ice lolly was our favourite) and Dulcie and I had fun dancing in the rain while they tested the PA system with some music.  And there were no other members of the public there to witness out silliness.  Score!
 When the rain got really heavy, we hung out in the orchid and cactus houses, but there were plenty of muddy puddles to jump in once we reemerged.  Dulcie was doing some pretty impressive splashing, as you can see from the state of her face.  I ended up not looking much cleaner.
We were both soaked and maukit by the time we got home and had to throw all our clothes in the washing machine and drink hot chocolate in our dressing gowns :)

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