Friday, January 30, 2015

mousie mousie

Dulcie and I have been playing quite a bit of Mousie Mousie lately.  Does anyone else remember this game?  I used to play it ALL THE TIME with my granny when I was wee and just loved it.  I'm surprised how much I still enjoy it now.  It's recommended for age 6 and up, but if you don't bother with the counters to keep score, it's easily simple enough for a three-year-old to understand and enjoy.  Basically, if the catcher rolls a red or a blue on the dice, they try to catch the other players' mice with a cup, while the other players try to whip their mice out of danger.  The set we have in our house (I'm not even sure where it came from) only has three of the six mice left, but that's just fine for our miniature family.

I'm so excited at the thought of playing more board games as Dulcie gets a bit older.  One day we'll be able to play Ludo together!  Can you believe it?!  Ludo!


  1. Do you remember playing it during a power cut by the dim light of an oil lamp? I think it had to get put on the high shelf after the arguments that ensued over whether the catcher had rolled a blue or a green!

    Incidentally, I play it with the kiddlies too. But I get a bit enthusiastic (I've got a very specific mouse-catching expression and evil laugh) and invariably they end up cowering in fear, then in floods of tears! I LOVE IT!!!

    1. The green and blue ARE really hard to tell apart, but it just adds to the fun really. I had planned to give Dulcie a bit of a chance with Mousie Mousie but it turned out I didn't need to - she is FAST!

      P.S. I only realised last night that the first syllables of my middle and last name (phonetically) make Ludo! No wonder I'm such a Ludo champ!


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