Thursday, January 22, 2015


 Have you had snow where you are?  Have you been enjoying it?
 While I was working this weekend, Dulcie and her dad (who she's being much nicer to - she must have appreciated his Christmas song!) hung out in Kelvingrove park. 
I don't think we really had snow last year, so this is the first time Dulcie's experienced it in her memory.  She's been loving it - visiting and naming all the snowmen in the neighbourhood, having snowball fights, watching the sledgers, tramping through the crunchy top layer with her wellies, putting snow down the drains and "making it into water".
 On Friday, when the snow really started, Dulcie was having a day of lounging around in her pyjamas, refusing to get dressed or leave the house, but the snow was the perfect excuse to get her up and out.  It was already getting dark by the time we got out there, but we still managed to make this mini snowgirl.  Yes, snowGIRL, and don't you dare call it a snowman in Dulcie's earshot!
Dulcie was so excited to get out and in amongst it, charging around and falling over constantly.  "I'm all right!"  She could hardly wait to experience a snowball fight and took being icily smashed in the face (terrible mothering) in very good humour!  What a gal :)

I've really had enough of negotiating the icy pavements, but I'll take it on the chin if it means Dulcie can enjoy some more frosty fun.

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