Sunday, January 11, 2015

swim sunday #1

1950's Vintage Swimsuit 
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So, here I am with my first Swim Sunday check-in.  I went swimming after work on Thursday despite really not feeling well and almost failing to climb the stairs out of the underground.  I struggled through 34 lengths and felt thoroughly demoralised and started wondering if the challenge was actually going to be too challenging.  However, feeling the pressure of this post looming, I managed to squeeze in a second swim today, thanks to Graham taking Dulcie swimming at a different pool at the same time!  (She won't let me do lengths if I swim in her vicinity.)  And today I felt much better and managed 56 lengths and enjoyed every one of them.  The tramp through the rain to get there and back was less enjoyable, as was being soaked through to my underwear.  The walk home was also a step too far, physically, and I haven't been fit for much else since I got home.  I almost knocked on my neighbours' doors because I was scared to be alone in case I died, that's how tired I was.  So a lesson learned - take it easy(ish) and at least remember to spare enough energy for the journey home!  But aside from exhaustion, I'm feeling great.  I'm ahead of the game and have a few lengths stored up for weeks where I don't have a good-heart day where I can make it to the pool.  I'm doing this, people!


So here are my stats for this week.  I'll repeat this in each Swim Sunday post, as much for myself as anyone else.  I realise this probably isn't that exciting for my readers, but I need this to keep me motivated, I think.

Lengths swum this week: 90
Cumulative target for this week: 54
Total lengths swum: 90 (36 lengths ahead of schedule! Go, me!)

Cumulative target for next week: 109
Lengths needed to meet that: 19

Has anyone else been joining in?  Care to share your progress, or lack of?


  1. Well done you, but don't push yourself too hard! I couldn't lift my arms the day after my first swim (for nearly 20 years I think!) so I'm going to go a bit easier on myself this week and try breaking it into 2 sessions. Here are my stats:

    Lengths swum this week: 55
    Total Lengths swum: 55

    1. My muscles felt like that when I started this challenge six months ago, but it's not happening this time around, which makes me think the lengths I did in the summer did do some good. If your muscles are anything like mine, it should only hurt the first couple of times, fingers crossed! (Although I always quite like feeling it in my muscles the next day - like a constant pat on the back.)

      Well done on the 55! I think I'm going to look for a Channel map so we can chart our progress on it. Fun!

  2. Hi there, I had issues the last time I tried to leave some comments but hopefully this will get through. First off - congratulations! V impressive! Secondly - all excuses aside, my life has gone a bit tits up of late so the swim thing isn't remote on my radar at the moment. I have foolishly started running/jogging but not the weather for such antics really. Keep up the good work and so sorry I'm not a part of it.

    1. But your fancy lap counter! Waaah!

      I had another horrible swim yesterday and am back to utter despondency/wanting to give up on swimming and everything else, but I'm still ahead of the game lengths-wise, so I won't quit...yet! Good luck with the running :)

  3. Well done you! I just bought Ramona a swimsuit so we can have a splash about together - I'm not sure we'll clock up many lengths though ;-)

    1. No excuses! I know someone who swam lengths on her back while holding her baby on her chest :)


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