Thursday, January 29, 2015

lola the wonder cat

Both our cats are ridiculously annoying.  They are loud and greedy and messy and disgusting, they destroy everything, they pillage and plunder, they cause so many grumpy moods amongst us.  Lola, in fact, is especially annoying with her constant moo-quacking, her ability to steal any food that is anywhere other than the fridge, and her extreme white hairiness that floats around in clumps and lands on every surface.  She drives us crazy.  Crazy!
But, oh, she is so lovely underneath it all.  She's such a snuggly and sociable cat (she ADORES me - isn't it nice how pets let you know just how they feel about you?) and puts up with so much "love" from Dulcie.  Here she is being decorated with Dulcie's extensive sticker collection...
...and allowing yet another hug.  Dulcie calls her Lilo Lill.  They are such a sweet pair.

Poppy, I should add, doesn't allow this sort of thing, but still gives Dulcie special treatment, by which I mean she doesn't spit at her like she does the rest of us!  Ha!  My new theory (not sure why it's taken me nearly nine years to come up with this) is that Poppy is blind and therefore edgy about sudden movements.  It's not her fault she's such a meanie, honest!


  1. So sweet! And unusual for a cat, I'd say! I'm hoping that Ramona and Suzie, our dog will be firm friends when she's older.

    1. From our experience with the cats, I think animals know their place in the pecking order and know that they will not fare well if they're mean to the baby! And it helps that babies start off reasonably immobile - by the time the child is old enough to go after them, the pets have acclimatised and can cope. I'm sure Ramona and Suzie will be bosom buds! :)


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