Sunday, October 12, 2008

they fly through the air with the greatest of ease

I'm on holiday!  For a whole week!  Yippee!  My holidays got off to a "flying" start with, among other things, a visit to the acrobatic gymnastics world championships at the Kelvin Hall.
Pictured above are the Chinese men's team, justifying my cheesy post title by literally flying through the air.  We thought they were amazing but they were pipped to the post  at the last minute by the Russian team.  A travesty!  I know nothing about the technicalities of gymnastics... but I do know that I would award full marks across the board for flying like this!
Crazily strong men and ridiculously flexible ladies all round, with a good dose of spandex thrown in.
The all men teams turned out to be particularly exciting.
How do they do it?
I can't even hold my own weight in the position the man on the bottom is in, let alone have three fully grown muscle bound men stand on top of me.  How much weight must they be supporting?  Mind boggling!
I think the Azerbaijan team (above) may have been my favourite.  The combination of their brown outfits and huge physiques made them look like old school muscle men.  In my mind, they were wearing one shouldered leopard print leotards!

There's another gymnastics event on in the Kelvin Hall this Friday and it's free to get in.  I think I will definitely be going.  I'll be a bona fide gymnastics expert before you know it!

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