Monday, September 29, 2008

memoir monday (seven)

26th September 1986

Yesterday on our way to Brownies we saw a peahen and a peacock crossing the road.  They jumped up onto a wall and disappeared over it.  Sometime last winter we saw them but they had tails.  When we saw them yesterday they only had stumps.  After Brownies we came back the same way we had come.  In a field there were cows and with the cows were the peahen and the peacock.  We went on a bit in the jeep and Mum saw a bird.  It was black and white and when it flew off we saw it was a magpie.  It flew over some grass and up into a tree.  The tree started swaying and I thought it was going to fall off.  Just at Slioch we saw a field of cows with sheep in them.  Then on about 2 or 3 yards were some hens.  They were strutting about and clucking.  The sheep were just grazing and so were the cows.

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