Saturday, September 20, 2008

(c)at the weekend

One of the good things about the weekend is getting the time to hang out with Poppy and Lola.  
Both the cats seem to pick up on the different pace of the day and are far more likely to play and to be affectionate.
I left a ball of wool lying about this week and Poppy has claimed it as her own.
Lola is getting to be  a bit of a fatty these days.  She gets tired out after a couple of leaps and needs to have a lie down (not like the old days) usually flat on her back with her belly exposed to the world.
Poppy still looks more kitten-like and busts the odd impressive move.

As I've been typing this, Lola has hauled her ever increasing frame onto my lap.  Warm furry weekend goodness!

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