Tuesday, November 11, 2008

bona fide action cat

What you see here is a bona fide action cat, the female James Bond of the cat kingdom!  Last night we were watching another dodgy seventies horror film when Lola started acting very strangely.  She was standing on her hind legs all meerkat-like and then she jumped up and sat beside me on the back of the sofa with wide eyes and ears pressed back, breathing rapidly.  After about 15 minutes of wild eyed panting (staring at an unknown object in the hall) she started doing her comedy saggy bellied attempt at prowling.  She refused to be distracted but we could not see what she was looking at.  I was brushing my teeth when Graham shouted that a police van had just pulled up outside and that the police were coming up the front steps.  I hate to say it but I thought one of our neighbours had died and Lola had sensed his spirit.  I had heard animals could sense death...  Ha!  I was horrified at the thought of our neighbour's spirit being in the flat.  Fortunately, our neighbour is alive and well (he lives to flood us another Christmas!) and it turned out the police were removing undesirable jakey types from our close where they had decided to set up camp for the night.  We hadn't heard a thing and I don't know how Lola knew something was out of the ordinary.  She stayed in red alert mode until the police van drove off with one of the suspects in the back.  The minute they were gone she relaxed and let us stroke her again.  So that is our super sleuth action cat, protecting us from untold evil every evening!

p.s. the photo above shows Lola in her pre-op days before her belly grew to a size that would prevent her from leaping between buildings like this... 


  1. My cat sometimes just starts chasing invisible things for no reason- maybe they are ghost mice I wonder? She definitely can tell when things aren't right with me, but I kind of hope she's not a super psychic cat.

  2. Yay for Lola of the Yard!!

    Top tagging missus...now if we could have a top ten of your favourite...


  3. Lola gets very over excited by invisible things sometimes, too. She charges sideways along the front of the sofa like Spiderman and then grabs the arm and peers around maniacally like an extra from Starsky and Hutch. There was such a different feel about her the other night though - very spooky and intense.

    The story of the jakeys in the close has taken a sour turn since I blogged about it. It turns out the criminal duo had a set of our keys (!!!) and they were committing acts of drugged up love and may have peed on our door mat... Anyway, £60+ worth of lock changing and key cutting later we can finally sleep safe and sound again. Ha! What a week...

    Mimilove - don't even joke... The very mention of creating a top ten gives me palpitations and brain aches! :)

  4. Ha, ha, ha, that totally makes me laugh!

  5. Yeah, we can laugh about it too... now! Ha! :)

    Thanks for the comment.


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