Saturday, November 15, 2008

If you don't see me through the week, you'll see me through a window

This week (while out on a training day for work) I managed to visit Glasgow Cathedral and took some photos of the stained glass windows.  My favourite window is the one showing all the different trades, asking you to give glory to God for bakers, barbers and bonnet makers amongst others!   The window is a modern one and very beautiful and the first time I saw it the everyday-ness of the sentiment in such a grand old setting really surprised me.  
This is my favourite part - the bonnet makers' and dyers' handshake.

Gardening is also praised highly in this window, as "the first of arts".

There is quite a lot of nautical imagery, like this poor drowning sailor:
This sea bird (an albatross?) is part of the same window:
I find it quite sinister but I love the image and the dramatic element of the statement. 

There are quite a few agricultural images in the windows too.  I like the style of the wheat bundles above.

These barefooted men are a great mix of blues with lots of dark lines.  I think the dark lines are what I like about most stained glass, though I'm not quite sure.

Feet and fish above.  I love those bony feet!

Feet and birds below, with great bird shapes.
There is something about a lot of the more modern windows that reminds me of picture books from my childhood but I can't quite place what.  Maybe Trubloff?  I'll try to post some pictures of the illustrations in Trubloff over the weekend.  They are so good.

This last window has another great statement.  
No messing about, just constant endeavour.

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