Sunday, February 1, 2009

east end indecision

This weekend is not panning out as planned.  We missed the tattoo exhibition (but will go another day), Graham did not dj last night, and I am not at the much looked forward to country crafting extravaganza.  I also still have not done half the work I need to but have taken up a fine line in procrastination.  Last night we made plum chutney (which looks and smells like it will be quite delicious) and today I messed about with my Dot and Pat collages.  I'm thinking of getting a batch of these printed up as postcards (with envelopes) and trying to sell them.  However, I can't decide between bold coloured backgrounds and the original white backgrounds.  Any thoughts?  No hurry, as I think all crafting ambitions must be put on hold until late June...!  Ha!  But let me declare now that I do intend to set up my own etsy shop this summer and that I may or may not sell these postcards in it.  I wonder if publicly declaring things will make me actually do them?

Sigh... I suppose I'd better go and get on with my 'real' job.  Weekend schmeekend.  Harumph.

(Monday edit: the eagle eyed among you might notice that I changed Pat's background from purple to blue.)

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