Sunday, February 8, 2009


Last year I kept seeing terrariums popping up on blogs.  I'm terrible when it comes to looking after plants (my fingers are definitely closer to black than green) so I thought maybe a terrarium would be a good way of getting a bit of nature into the house.  I had heard they are quite hardy.  Two weeks ago, while walking to the supermarket, I pilfered some stones, earth and a piece of moss from the park.  Et voila!  The terrarium was created!  I wanted to stand a little plastic deer in the moss but haven't been able to find one small enough yet.
I think there must have been grass waiting to sprout in the soil I (a-hem) appropriated because this green sprout (above) has suddenly shot up at the side of the jar.  I had thought of trying to remove the impostor but I think there might be a few baby shoots appearing through the moss too.  They look quite sweet so I think I'm going to let this terrarium grow wild and free.
I love peering in at the moss.  The colour and texture look amazing.  When I was explaining terrariums to Graham, he was not at all convinced but now he loves our pet moss too.  

Apparently you don't need to water the terrarium until there is no condensation left inside the jar.  I haven't watered mine at all yet and it's still quite steamy after two weeks.  Ah, this is my kind of gardening...


  1. i have some tiny gnomes and toadstools that would look bonzer in there if you want them!

  2. Oh! My fairy godmother! The internet is my wish making vehicle, I think... If I type it, you will come! Thanks for the offer but I have images of you living in a stripped bare home because I have taken everything you own :) Just how tiny are these gnomes and toadstools anyway? The jar is smaller than it looks, maybe only 7cm diameter or something? Teeny!


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