Wednesday, October 28, 2009

isn't chaise lovely?

I haven't been around much this week, have I? And I can honestly say it is because I have been tearing my hair out over working so hard on my shopify. And I promise it is so nearly finished! Please don't be getting your hopes up too much because it is not the swankiest looking website you will ever have seen and I'm sure nobody would believe me if I told them how many hours I had spent on it. I did have a breakthrough, though, as I had been wishing I would. Actually, I had about twenty breakthroughs but each one led me to something else that I could tweak and... It hasn't all gone smoothly but I am getting there and will look upon it as a work in progress once it's open :) Watch this space...
Being a pro-crafter (or a wannabe pro-crafter) doesn't seem to leave enough time for crafting, if you ask me. I just took a little break just now to actually make something. I have been doodling this girl (or one like her) for a wee while and tonight collaged her out of some paper, fabric, buttons and ribbon. Her golden corduroy hair is extra special because it is made from an old chaise longue that belonged to my granny. My granny had a terrible (or great depending on how you look at it) habit of taking in waifs and strays and getting involved in other people's problems. She bought the chaise longue, although she did not want it, from a furniture salesman to save him from losing his job. She kept it under a dust sheet in an unused room and it always seemed like the height of luxury to my sister and I. After my granny died, the chaise longue came to live in the flat I'm now in, though it was my sister who stayed here back then. After numerous years of hard graft, the chaise longue was not quite the glamorous artefact it once was... Then when we got the cats, they instantly took it as their playground. Two kittens with sharp claws turned out to be the death of the poor chaise longue... It took a long time for me to agree to get rid of it and, when I finally did, I cut off as much of the beautiful fabric as possible before we threw it out. I'm hoping to do something nice with some of the bigger pieces one day but for now a little scrap of it has gone into making this girl's hair.

In other (major) news... I got a job! I found out earlier this week that I am soon to be starting work as a full time subtitler. It's all pretty good timing, money wise, and the job sounds interesting and I will be working with Claire, my poor fairy godmother who just cannot escape me! I will miss my little unemployed lifestyle though... Still, once I'm earning I can hire a first rate web designer to sort out my shopify! Hooray!

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