Sunday, March 14, 2010

oh what a tangled web we weave...

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Hello hello. My computer is dead. Well, more in a coma really. My cable has finally given up the ghost after about a year of painstakingly miniscule adjustments, securing it with sellotape and matchstick splints and not being able to move my laptop for fear the cable wouldn't like it. No cable = no electricity = no computer. Waa! This is not good for me old blog, guv'nor, as it also means I can't access or upload any of my photos and what have you. Sigh... Anyone know how to get a replacement charger cable for a mac? I googled it before but had no real luck. I wish our local mac shop was still open to help me :(

Anyway, as I can't get into my computer, I am reduced to relying even more heavily than usual on other people's pictures on old faithful a.k.a. flickr. As I can't really share any of the crafting I've been doing this weekend (not that it was that exciting - embroidering a Frank and making Big Daddy lavender bags that I refuse to give up on even though no one seems to love them like I do) I thought I would share the other thing I've done, which was watching Mastercrafts. I got Graham to tape it for me while I was at work on Fiday night and sat down to watch it yesterday afternoon. It was the episode about weaving (hence this picture) and it was amazing. I've got a wee toy weaving loom that I love playing about on, but the proper looms were crazy technical. One poor girl couldn't even set the loom up by the end of the six weeks and, to be honest, I'm not surprised. The fabric the three people made was absolutely beautiful and it looked like the most satisfying thing in the world to do. Given the time it took, I think you'd have to give up all other crafts (and life in general!) to pursue weaving, so maybe it wouldn't be ideal for a jack of all trades like me... but I wanna be a weaver! The programme will still be available on iplayer and I really would recommend watching it. I haven't played with my weaving loom (I don't even feel I can call it that after seeing what a real loom looks like) for years, but I will definitely be dusting it off soon.

My ever so witty title for this blog post makes me chuckle whenever I hear reference to it. A couple of years ago, we were in Islay with my whole family for a wedding. My eldest niece, Kim, was only just talking really, but she would always sing as she was falling asleep. One night as she was dropping off, she sang (to a jaunty little tune) "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive!" I thought maybe she was possessed by the spirit of Sir Walter Scott (well, it was a bit strange, you know!) but actually it turned out to be the moral song at the end of an episode of My Little Pony!


  1. It might be obvious, but have you tried eBay? Or the apple store? What a nightmare! Booo. I enjoyed the weaving thing too, but felt a bit sorry for the girl who didn't get hang of setting it up. I felt it wad edited a bit against her-that's our tv-trained eyes!

  2. I need to look again, but I think the problem last time I looked was that the apple store only had replacements for the model after mine. I read you can use cables made by other manufacturers, but I was too confused about what would or wouldn't fit to be brave and buy one. I was shocked by how expensive they were too. I will start trawling again tonight :(

    The show definitely was edited against that girl (you could see exactly where it was going to go as soon as she said she didn't bother picking up dropped stitches in her knitting!) but I thought she was very sensible when she said she valued her life too much to spend that much time doing anything. That made a lot more sense to me than all the "weaving touched my soul" comments the other one made! I bet I'd be a rubbish weaver. Still totally want to be one though!


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