Sunday, March 7, 2010

pigeonfinger - like goldfinger, only more pigeony

Originally uploaded by Luna_Be

I'm trying to tidy my craft/cat room (not quite the ideal combination, let me tell you!) this weekend. The room gets very messy, very quickly and it is a big job to get it in order. I think some new storage solutions would help. I pretty much have to pull out all my fabric whenever I want to find something specific and it's like something from the Krypton Factor to try and get it all back in the drawers. My motivation for the great craft room clear up of spring 2010 is that I'm going to be doing a market soonish (hopefully a couple of markets, actually) and need to replenish lots of stuff, so I'd like a bit of clear space to work in.

As you might have guessed, I'm procrastinating a bit, so thought I'd stop by to share this little embroidery I found on flickr yesterday. Isn't it great? I want a tiny pigeon to sit on my finger! Luna Be, who made this, has lots of things worth looking at in her flickr.

I love the thought of having a tiny pet you could carry around in your pocket, preferably one who could talk. I'm guessing I'm far from alone in that wish. After all, somebody came up with the idea of Polly Pocket already and I presume they did some killer market research...?

That's enough. I'm off to tidy now. I just have to keep telling myself that a little bit of tidying today will make a lot more productive time and space for creating greatness in the future. The springy weather is definitely helping get me in the tidying mood though. I even have some windows open! In our flat, this is quite an achievement as we have enormous and heavy sash windows, all of which are broken (in the sash mechanism, I mean, not the actual glass) and therefore almost impossible to open for weak girly types like me. I think my neighbours probably witnessed me getting a hernia opening the living room window this morning. It was worth it though. Fresh air! Ah, lovely! If a little chilly...

I just procrastinated a whole other paragraph, didn't I? Toodle pip.


  1. When I lived in Bangkok, I saw some tiny squirrels on leads for sale. It was all I could do not to buy one. But I resisted and I've regretted it ever since!

  2. How tiny were these squirrels and were they permanently tiny or just not yet fully grown? I can understand why you regret it, but I'm sure the poor mite would have been confiscated by customs anyway and that would have been heartbreaking. I was sad enough when the Glasgow airport staff confiscated my deodorant yesterday!

  3. They were smaller than standard issue squirrels, for definite. Considering I got arrested at customs anyway on way home, I should maybe have risked it! I will tell you that story sometime! Hope London was fun!

  4. Arrested?! That trumps my deodorant story for sure! London was brilliant - v interesting and full of top celebrity sightings and some exciting EastEnders insider info. I love working in the meedjah!

  5. Well, it's maybe not as exciting as you think! Can't wait to hear your star spotting stories!


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