Sunday, May 30, 2010

friday night at the movies (who cares what picture you see?)

We loved the name and sign for this place. The Futurist... What could it be? We were quite delighted when we discovered it was a cinema and very intrigued when we read it seated almost 2,500 people! We decided to go and see whatever was on that night, which turned out to be the remake of Nightmare On Elm Street*. We are not usually cinema snackers, but we had to get popcorn this time in order to blend in with our surroundings.
The inside of the building is amazing with lots of old features. Sadly, none of my photos of the actual cinema (i.e. the room with the seats and screen) are worth sharing as they are either too dark or too flashy. There certainly were a lot of seats. There was a whole balcony area that wasn't open to the public any more too. I think there must only have been about 20 people in the audience the night we were there. I hope the cinema can survive with those sorts of numbers. It would be a real shame if it closed down or got modernised. Before the film started, an usher came out and stood at the front with a tray of ice cream around his neck! I haven't seen that since I was wee!
Even the toilets were photo worthy. Observe the hand dryers.
Graham borrowed my camera to snap this shot of the urinals. Tee hee!

It seemed quite funny that we were in such a big cinema for my birthday when we went to such a small cinema for Graham's - from 26 seats in Oban to over 2,400 in Scarborough!

* I really enjoyed the remake of Nightmare On Elm Street, but then I do like the original and they hadn't exactly changed much. It was a perfect Friday night popcorn movie, I think.


  1. Sounds like the perfect cinema! We have a community run one in my home town, complete with usherettes serving ice creams in the interval (interval!) and a projectionist who still, after all these years, hasn't got the hang of changing the reels. When we went to see Casino Royale it jumped straight from the middle of a fight scene to him Bond recuperating in the alps with Vespa. Perfect x

  2. That sounds great! We were reminiscing over intervals... Ah, the good old days.


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