Tuesday, June 21, 2011

here comes the sun... hopefully!

here comes the sun..., a photo by pilli pilli on Flickr.

Sheesh! So much for midsummer's day, huh? Is it raining where you are too? Ever hopeful, Pilli Pilli has stitched a little bit of sun just beginning to peek out from behind the clouds in this embroidery. Come on, summer! You can do it!

Actually, the rain has kind of worked in my favour so far today. I had to stop off at the post office on the way to work and everybody was either staying indoors or running from pillar to post and not stopping off anywhere, so there was no queue. Hooray! This meant I got to work early and was able to blog before starting work proper (just a shame the internet ate it and I had to retype it all later in the day!) as well as having time to pick up a tasty pain au chocolat en route. What a terribly French sentence. I think I'd still probably rather see summer kicking in, mind you...

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