Saturday, June 18, 2011

wuthering heights

wuthering heights by dropstitch
wuthering heights, a photo by dropstitch on Flickr.

According to my flickr photograph, I bought this copy of Wuthering Heights over three years ago (after years of searching for my ideal copy) and I can now report that I am finally reading it. Yay! Much to my relief, I am actually really enjoying it. I read some lady fiction from this period when I was at university and did not like it one little bit. Jane Eyre is probably my most hated book of all time, but then I did have to read it in a oner before an impending exam, which was some new kind of extreme torture... Anyway, Wuthering Heights is not at all like Jane Eyre. Phew! I am loving Heathcliff and his non-humanesque wicked darkness. Great stuff.

I realise I have not been around much on the old blogosphere of late (and after such an impressively bloggy April too!) but I will try to rectify that soon. Ish. I've really been living the quiet life (books, naps and crocheting granny squares) but I'm a firm believer that the quiet life can still make for a good blog post or two and I KNOW you'll be wanting to see my new granny square skillz, right? So I'll try to bust out my camera and start sharing again soon.

Now, how to spend the rest of my Saturday night? I could read a couple of chapters of Wuthering Heights, have an early night, watch a cheesy movie, or crochet some more granny squares... What a lovely set of options. I might do a little of all four :)


  1. yay for the granny square :-)

    Wuthering Heights is a great read - like all of those books, it's when you 'have to' that the fun is taken away :-)

  2. watch the this post space lady, sending you over a small thankyou present (only a month late)
    lovely copy of wuthering heights by the way.

  3. Post?! Too exciting! Thanks :)

    JacBer, I can assure you I would have hated Jane Eyre whatever the circumstances! Yeuch! I stayed up a little too late last night reading just a little bit more (and a little bit more) of Wuthering Heights, but achieved three out of four of my activities, the early night being the one I failed on. Not bad! I've now got a lovely pile of rainbow-coloured granny squares to take a photo of later.


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