Tuesday, September 6, 2011

bear with a sore head

Care Bears Grumpy Bear Costume by CLASSYCHASSISUK on etsy

I am getting my now monthly migraine and it's making me very much like a bear with a sore head. I am 100% grumpy. Grrr! I am blaming excessive late shifts (combined with pregnancy) for causing these migraines, which I hope I am wrong about since I have practically nothing but late shifts coming up for months. I repeat, grrr!

But it's kind of hard to take grumpiness seriously when fancy dress costumes like this actually exist in real life and are available to buy on etsy. What?! CLASSYCHASSISUK does describe herself as crazy in her profile and, given this evidence, who are we to argue with that? Grumpy Bear was never my favourite Care Bear, so I guess I had better cheer up before I accidentally go the whole hog and actually buy this costume to wear to work. Do you think the moron who makes up my rota might get the message then? Hmmm...


  1. I will have a word with my moronic colleagues and see what I can do! But seriously...please wear this costume to work. It would improve everyone's working lives a million-fold!

  2. Every office should have a communal Care Bear outfit for sure. Whoever did the best subtitles that day would have the honour of wearing it. What a motivational tool that would be! You can suggest it at the next managers' meeting if you like.


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