Thursday, September 1, 2011

a few of my favourite things

This week I have a really sweet tooth and am loving my crochet. This amazing crocheted artwork by Kate Jenkins combines both these loves perfectly. If you are in (or near) London this month, you can make me jealous by going to Kate's Crochet Market, an exhibition/crocheted shop where you can see all sorts of household items in textile form, which opened yesterday and runs until September 24th. Full details and many more pictures if you click on that link.

Maybe you recognise Kate's work? I blogged about her last exhibition and you can see her bottle of Babysew (crocheted Babycham, naturally) hanging behind Alan Carr's head on his chat show.

p.s. Apparently today (which is Friday and not Thursday as Blogger is claiming above!) has been designated Day In The Life day. If you want to take part and share the minutiae of your today in whatever bloggy way you fancy, you can see the principles behind it here on Claire's blog and/or my previous Day In The Life blog posts here and here.


  1. Thanks for this link - it looks ace. We are off to that there london for september weekend... a trip to the crochet market might just be instore!


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