Tuesday, January 3, 2012

day in the life - 26th december 2011

I didn't take any notes for Day In The Life this month because a) I had forgotten it was Boxing Day since Christmas Day hadn't felt very Christmassy the day before and b) we were told in the morning that Dulcie would be coming home the next day so I was a little distracted (see "general panicking" section)! No notes means you are saved from my usual excessive detail and I have taken a leaf out of Claire's book and gone all mathematical on yo' ass.

I'm having the nicest time at the moment, just hanging out with Dulcie while being looked after by my mum. I'll be back with some photos soon, though I can't promise they won't be of a lovely baby! Happy new year to you.


  1. I do like that the 'crying' slice of the pie is so small!! Happy new year! x

  2. I am trying to reduce crying time day by day. It's working well. I've only clocked up a few seconds so far today!


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