Friday, February 17, 2012

erica wilson - brain ping

I know a YouTube blog post can seem like a bit of a cop out but I absolutely had to share this video, which is like one of my best vintage craft books come to life.  I wasn't aware of Erica Wilson, I don't think, until I found out about her this morning thanks to Pin Pals (who were prompted to post about her thanks to Cathy of California).  I immediately hopped over to YouTube and started watching her show.  Each episode is absolute perfection, everything I would want to see, all wrapped up in a 15-minute bundle.  Watching the one I shared above made me get so excited at the thought of embroidering (and a bit frustrated at my permanent one-handed status thanks to the baby who loves to cuddle) and my brain was literally pinging at the thought of exciting future projects.  I even have a rocking chair, much like the one in this video, that needs to be re-covered.  Could I do something like Erica's?  It would be a great birthday present for Dulcie... maybe when she turns 21!

There are quite a few episodes of Erica's show available to watch here and I'm hoping even more might be added soon.  Ironically, I was heading for 4OD to catch up, at long last, with Kirstie's Handmade Britain when I came across this.  Sorry, Kirstie, but Erica is the real deal!  I'm off to watch another episode right now.


  1. She is so cool!
    I love how she made the owl look so easy :-)

    1. She stitches so fast, doesn't she? Definitely makes me want a proper embroidery frame/stand!


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