Monday, August 6, 2012

bagpipes and bacon

On Thursday morning I very bravely tried to go to a baby and toddler group (I'm doing some reconnaissance work about local childcare for when I go back to work) but it turned out not to be on.  It was a balmy, sunny day though, so Dulcie and I headed to Kelvingrove Park for a bit of a wander.  It was nice to be milling about of a morning and there were lots of people coming and going, exercising, having cups of coffee, walking dogs, as well as this pipe band who were rehearsing.
We stopped to listen for a while.  Dulcie seemed to enjoy the bagpipes, but this photo looks like she's trying to cover her ears and block out the noise.  Mind you, it really was noisy!

Yeah, she doesn't really look like she's enjoying it much here either, but she always stops to have a good look when the camera comes out and was then waiting for the flash to go off, I think, as she seems to like the flash these days.  She's recently learned that the camera flashes when she smiles, so we don't have quite so many photos of her just looking confused/curious.

The pipe band were not the main event of our Thursday in the park, oh no.  The main event was that I (wait for it) ate (wait for it) a bacon roll!  I'd had a mild hankering for some bacon when I woke up, so I thought I would act on impulse and just go for it without thinking too much about it.  I managed to eat the whole thing, but have to say I found it HORRIBLE.  I thought bacon would just taste salty and savoury (that's how I remembered it and how veggie bacon tastes) but all I could really taste was the way a butcher's shop smells and that smell makes me want to hurl.  But it was great progress - the first meat I have consumed in over 21 years.  I hadn't attempted any meat since I failed to eat my own beef casserole way back in April and thought that experiment had put an end to any devegetarianisation for once and for all, so I'm quite glad to have made a bit of progress again.  I think I'm quite clear now that I just want to be able to eat meat in social situations where being a vegetarian can make things awkward/less fun/hard work for other people.  Dulcie seems to really like fish so it would be good if we could include some fish in our family menu from time to time, but I'd be happy to keep meat as a very rare occurrence.

It's taken me days to write this blog post.  Was it worth it?  Probably not.


  1. Wow! what a lovely video. i love it!!!!

  2. Laura, you live in the west end where it's trendy to be a veggie! Hope Graham isn't trying to turn you into a carniverous beastie!!
    My hubby's sister was veggie for as long as you and she went over to the other side after her boyfriend who is now her husband took her out for an indian. Her mum however has been a veggie for almost 50 years and she will be 80 I think, next year. Did a himalayan trek in her mid 70s and still teaches yoga and skis. Something to be said for a meat free diet. Our two don't eat a lot of red meat. Love your blog and catching up on Dulcie's latest antics. Hope you all enjoy your week off with Graham. Good luck with the swimming. Most babies love the water but then again....i'm sure you'll cope as well as the sick incident! x

    1. I may live in a veggie-friendly area but I want to be able to eat out in other towns/countries too! I'm not really the sporty/outdoorsy/yoga type of vegetarian like your sister-in-law's mum. If I was I might be more comfortable/militant about it. I HATE having the vegetarian debate that meat-eaters so often want to strike up when they discover my dietary preferences and think it would be worth being able to eat meat just to avoid that! Ha!

      I have visualised the swimming many times now (how we will get from the changing room to the pool and the pool to the showers etc) and am a bit stressed but also quite excited still. Should be good, touch wood.


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