Tuesday, February 12, 2013

happy pancake day!

 Dulcie and I had a bit of a long lie this morning (late shift last night) and then got up and made pancakes for breakfast.  Dulcie, who has fruity porridge every morning, is taking the strangeness (and smoky kitchen) in her stride.
 Mmmm!  I am having my pancakes with some spiced plum and fig jam made by my mum.
I haven't made pancakes in a looooong time and had forgotten my favourite thing about them - all the baby pancakes and planet-shaped pancakes you get from the drips.  I gave this baby pancake to Dulcie, missing out on the fun of piling it high with jam, but it seemed appropriate somehow that she should have it.

To make your own fat pancakes: 125g of self-raising flour, 1 egg, 150ml milk.  Mix it all up and plop dollops onto a very hot (and lightly greased) frying pan.  When bubbles appear and pop on the pancake's surface, it's time to turn it over.  Easy.  (Mine are a bit burnt and chewy, but for a first attempt as an adult, I will be lenient!)


  1. We will be having them for tea later. I say we but I don't like them so Matt cooks and I butter and sugar them :) I'll be having a sandwich later instead!

    1. Well, enjoy your pancake day sandwich then... :)


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