Sunday, February 17, 2013


Look what I've been doing with my lunch breaks this weekend - a spot of crochet!  Maybe you remember the super-cute cardigans I made for Beyonce-Buble, or Dulcie as she she came to be known?  This is the same pattern.  The pattern only goes up to 12-18 months in size so I really wanted to make one last cardigan before Dulcie became too big for the pattern.  This is the yoke (neck and shoulders) of the cardigan, by the way, in case you are thinking it looks a bit un-cardigan-like so far.

There is absolutely no way I can crochet at home, but I figured it was a good way to use my down time in the office.  One of the things I was looking forward to about returning to work was getting to chat to other grown-ups about things other than baby stuff.  Sadly, my office went through some major changes when I was off on maternity leave (plus I work the shifts that are usually pretty quiet staff-wise) so chatting is no longer really feasible.  But doing some crafty stuff over the last couple of days has finally given me that little bit of balance that I hoped work would restore.  I think occupational therapy could be the way to go with me.  While I was crocheting, it was the first time in months that my brain wasn't rattling in and around scary stuff.  If only Dulcie would give me five minutes' peace in the house for purely medicinal handicrafts now and again, eh? :)

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p.p.s. God, I love crochet!  Discovery of the millennium!


  1. Well done you - looks like the start of a gorgeous cardigan!

    Your post inspired me to pick up my needle and do my first few cross stitches since giving birth three months ago, and I could practically feel my blood pressure dropping :-)

    1. There's definitely something in it, isn't there? I've got my mum staying this week so am trying to find a balance between doing urgent jobs around the house and not-so-urgent crochet.


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