Sunday, January 25, 2015

swim sunday #3

This picture is from one of my favourite vintage craft books.

Target total this week: 163
Lengths swum this week: 10
Total lengths swum: 130 (33 behind target)

I'd need to swim 88 lengths this week to meet next week's target. Gulp!

Not a great week really, but it could have been worse.  I thought I wasn't going to make it to the pool at all, but I squeezed in a mini swim at the eleventh hour (this morning).  I went to the pool with Dulcie and Graham and Graham managed to put up with Dulcie's protests long enough for me to do those ten lengths.  I spent the rest of the time splashing around in the baby pool.

I feel like I've slightly wavered from the straight and narrow in all aspects this week.  Just one of those weeks, I'm not going to feel too bad about it.  I've got a couple more days of lazy living and tasty treats (it's Graham's birthday this week and we have non-Dulcie plans on Monday and Dulcie-included plans on Tuesday) but I'll be back on the right path come Wednesday and will aim to make a bit of a dent in the lengths I'm down by later in the week.  When you fall off the horse, you've just got to get back on, right?  Yee ha!

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