Tuesday, March 24, 2015

terrible twos? ah, those halcyon days...

Be warned - there is naughty language in this clip and children watching it will be upset to discover how their parents really feel about them!
Suffice to say, Dulcie is driving me crazy at the moment.  Friday saw me collapsed on the floor, surrounded by approximately 10,000 buttons that she was refusing to help pick up, with Dulcie climbing all over me, clawing me and whining, "I only want you to play with me.  Why won't you play with me?  You're not looking after me."  When I finally cracked and started to weep, she patted me on the shoulder and said, "Why are you not having a good day, Mum?"  I don't mind admitting it took all my willpower not to tell her exactly why my day was not going well.  She is so much hard work right now, but an angel whenever there are witnesses, which weirdly makes it harder to accept the non-angel moments when we're alone.  Is it really all my fault?!  Is it me?!

My boss and I were comparing horror stories about our three-year-old daughters this weekend (I didn't give him the full details of the weeping and all, but a heavily edited version, obviously) and he sent me a link to this clip, claiming it had helped his wife through some tough times.  IT HELPED.  And it made me laugh too.  The first five minutes or so of this clip ARE MY LIFE.  I am not alone!  Watching this lets me cut myself some slack and believe that I haven't caused this or brought it on myself, that I haven't broken Dulcie and set her on a path towards a miserable life, that this too shall pass.  Because my three-year-old is a three-year-old and that's what the problem is.

My mum is keeping Dulcie for me today, and had her for a sleepover last night.  Yesterday afternoon, I napped for over four hours (by mistake) then got up to go swimming, came home, went to bed early and slept for over 9 hours.  I spent over 50% of 24 hours asleep, like a cat!  But I feel so much better now.  Oh, so much better.  Sleep, you beautiful healer.  I love you.  Maybe with this clip on repeat and regular naps, I could do this.  I do hope so.


  1. Awww. I am similarly at my wits end and look forward to watching this tonight. Kyle has been ill for almost a full week so I have been chained to the house and am slowly losing my mind. Summerlee soon? If I can generate even a brief amount of angel like behaviour, I'm more than willing. Findlay's heartbreak will have healed by then! lol

    1. Oh, no, ill children! Just when you thought motherhood couldn't get any worse... ;)

      Yes to Summerlee soon. I'm getting to the point where it hardly feels worth leaving the house with Dulcie, but I know that is a slippery slope to Hermitville. I'm so sorry she broke Findlay's heart - her mood swings take no prisoners and she did love him really! And it was quite nice for me to share the abuse. Ha!


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