Friday, April 24, 2009

cheer bear has been working out

Could you care for this care bear?  I found it hard...  Following an insignificant remark about a knitted care bear from three year old Kim, my mum (a.k.a. her granny) got into crazy bidding wars on ebay to get her hands on a pattern.  She knitted this care bear up while she was in France, the week before I got there.  I do remember agreeing to embroider the face and rainbow but I do NOT remember agreeing to sew up and stuff the whole thing.  Thanks to Cheer Bear I got none of my crafting (not even the knitting for baby Ruth) done while I was there, which is now coming back to bite me on the bum.  It took a mammoth effort to get Cheer Bear finished before I left.  To begin with it looked absolutely nothing like a care bear but it just needed a bit more stuffing... which took a trip to Switzerland to find!  Perhaps I overstuffed those arms...?  Kim now thinks a blue and a green care bear would be nice but I have told my mum she's on her own this time.

I got my prize from the giveaway at Ginger and George today.  Yowser!  The sewing is so perfect that I can't even work out where one stitch ends and another starts.  I am almost ashamed of my embroidery skills now - Kirsty's are truly amazing!  That said, I'm planning to be reunited with my needle and thread this weekend, which is set to be a crafting flurry in amongst all the piles of work I have to do for school.  Graham has a busy weekend ahead so I'm going to try and make the most of having the flat to myself for a bit.  Must be productive, although that would mean moving this warm furry black and white bundle of purry goodness off my lap...  Hmm, maybe later!

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