Monday, April 27, 2009

cheer up, chuck

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Oh dear, I am feeling very sorry for myself tonight. Stress stress stress and roll on the weekend! However, this determined octopus makes me want to succeed and generally cheers me up so I thought I would share it incase anybody else out there is feeling at all like me. 

Do you know what else cheers me up? The twelve mystery bottles of wine that arrived for me this weekend! They are not from my mum so I suspect my sister. They have tasting notes and everything. Fun fun fun! Graham is keen to try one tonight. I may succumb even though it feels like I'll be going back into work in a few measly hours after only just finishing up for the night... Harumph! 

Back to the positivity, I also got a beautifully sweet blouse from my mum in the post this weekend. It fits and I love it - a rare feat indeed! Well done, mother of mine.

Apologies for the randomness of this post, I just felt like doing a little nice thing (I think blogging is a nice thing to do) before the day was out :)


  1. surprises are good arent they, they do wonders for our wee brains. Well done on the surprise wine!

  2. Surprises (especially when they arrive in the mail) do make me so happy. Almost any rubbish day can be brightened by a little parcel :) Must send more mail...


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