Sunday, April 26, 2009

last weekend/this weekend

This weekend has been a flurry of crafty activity.  So many hours of sewing.  So many blisters.  Such a small (but perfectly formed) selection of goods to show for it...  Ah well.  It's been fun and satisfying and kind of relaxing in a complete denial sort of way.  This afternoon I must force myself to put my needles down and do work for work.  Boo hoo.

Last weekend I was charity shopping in Geneva (in between pretending to visit Rainbow Brite and sewing up Care Bears of course) and I realised I still hadn't shared my purchases here.  Actually, they are really Kerry's purchases since I had no Swiss money.  I accepted her generosity since this was the only time I left the house all week, so intense were my babysitting/auntie duties! 

I got this tiny ceramic blue bird with beautiful patterns...
... as well as this slightly creepy picture of a bird made with real feathers and leaves.  We had watched Kirstie's Homemade Home that week so I was determined to know what I like and to buy accordingly.  Well, I tried.  I think I like this picture.  I do know it will be a good addition to the wall of many wonders.  I also know Graham is downright horrified by it.  Ha!
As well as birds I bought some tins.  This pink one is so cute.  I still haven't decided what to keep in it.  Something crafty, I think.
Just as I was about to squeal at spotting this tin, Kerry picked it up and said that she had planned to buy it for my birthday and fill it with buttons until she realised that she wouldn't have time to get enough buttons.  When she saw how excited I was by it, she bought it for my birthday anyway (minus buttons).  It's so ridiculously and old fashioned-ly cute...
...and came full of a random assortment of musty smelling craft supplies including a thimble that looks like a finger tip with a red painted nail.  Eugh.  The crochet yarn (I think that's what it is) is very pretty and perfect for my summer ambition to learn to do tiny crocheting.  Nothing like learning to run before you can walk!
I have lots of work stuff to do (stress!) but am feeling very tired and not in the mood.  I got addicted to zip brooching last night so sat up too late and then Graham and his friend came in from the night out they'd been on.  Graham's friend slept on the sofa (neither of them listening to my suggestion that he should sleep in the spare bed) and, when he got up to go to the toilet at half past three, he fell down the stairs!  He claimed to be fine but phoned this morning with the news that he has actually fractured his arm!  Good grief!  My prized ceramic boats got knocked off the wall during the accident but fortunately none of them sustained any fractures.  Stuart (unlike ceramics) will heal eventually so, if you ask me, it all turned out for the best in the end.  Hee!  Poor Stuart...

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