Sunday, April 12, 2009


Oh my aching legs!  Graham and I went on a daytrip to Largs and Millport yesterday.  Blue skies, sea air and the best ever ice cream from Nardini's.  Yum.
I had cherry mania and Graham had turkish delight.  Later in the day I went back for some lime sorbet.  I'd had one too many glasses of celebratory wine the night before and was in need of zingy refreshment.  Lime sorbet was an ideal choice.  I even managed to summon up a last burst of energy to accept Graham's ten pin bowling challenge and I nearly didn't lose.  Ha!
While waiting for the ferry to Millport, we promenaded along the promenade, marveling at the colourful benches.  We also visited the charity shops but neither of us got a single thing.
This lady on the putting green with her handbag tickled our fancy.  I was being all spy like, using the zoom on my camera but I think the man noticed and wasn't impressed as he kept blocking my photos.  This was the best one I got.  The man kept missing puts and was getting really frustrated while the woman patiently put her handbag down to move the flags for him.
Once we had crossed the wide expanse of ocean (the shortest ferry crossing ever with bagpipers to entertain us and everything) we spent quite a while wandering around Millport.  This is apparently Britain's narrowest house, so narrow they can't quite fit the sign on it either!
One of the highlights of Millport was the Ritz cafe.  I stole this picture from this lady's flickr as all my photos had either my face or Graham's in them and we looked very tired and windswept and stole the show with our dishevelled-ness.  The Ritz Cafe is up for sale at the moment and we fantasised about buying it.  The decor is amazing so I hope whoever buys it doesn't go crazy with modernisation.
Here's a close up of the table top formica, my own picture this time.

I slept all the way back on the train and then watched Doctor Who when we got in.  It was like a proper holiday all crammed into one day.

I'd better go and pack my bags for France.  My knitting is not finished and I have very few clean clothes and I'm stressed about not being ready to go back to work... but I can't wait to see my THREE nieces and nephews (and Kerry and Gavin, of course)!


  1. Oh, that looks like a dream date out! Sometimes all you need is a day, to blow the cobwebs away, isn't it? That caff looks ace. There are so few like it left. Do you follow Russell Davies' cafe blogs?

  2. Looks like a great day out, we are thinking of making a trip over, and since the Ritz is for sale maybe sooner the better!

  3. It was a great day out. I do love day dates. I hope we might go back to Largs and Millport closer to summer. We were a bit late in the day to go in for the whole cycle round the island thing. Next time! Maybe even on a tandem!


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