Wednesday, April 8, 2009

chicks going cheep!

These little chicks are so sweet, and not just because they each hide a cream egg inside their little knitted bodies.  They were going cheap (huh huh!) in a basket with lots of other chicks in a charity shop yesterday.  I am going to take these two to France for my niece and nephew.  I think it's so cute that somebody knitted these up for a good cause.

Charity shopping yesterday was a strange day and everything was all back to front.  For starters, neither of us got anything in Clarkston (which has never before failed to provide) and then we missed our favourite charity shop because apparently it closes at 1 on a Tuesday.  Noooo!  And just look how promising the window looked:
Not that I would have bought this typewriter.  How many mustard yellow typewriters does one girl really need?

Since the unexpectedly closed charity shop had freed up some time in our military like schedule, we went to an unpromising charity shop that we've been missing out for the last few months... and this was where I made my first purchases of the day!

As well as lots of buttons for my evil genius button plan and some zips for brooches, I got these beautifully packaged hooks and eyes...
... and this really nice fabric.  
I think it would make lovely cushion covers but I suspect the cats' claws would play havoc with the loose weave...  We'll see whether it becomes something exciting soon or spends some time ruminating in the fabric drawer first.
Later in the day I got these Blackpool souvenir playing cards and a Francoise Hardy record.
Look at the lovely label!  Graham patiently looks through all the boxes of records for himself but he knows my taste well enough to be able to spot anything I might be interested so I get all the joy (like finding this) with none of the eye and back strain.  I was listening to this record this morning and really loving it.  There were quite a few songs that I'd never heard sung in English and one or two that were totally new to me.  Such a nice treat!

As usual, I came home with all sorts and Graham returned empty handed.  There's some debate in our house as to whether this means Graham is pickier than me (i.e. has better taste) or whether I just have greater vision and imagination.  I think the latter, needless to say!


  1. what a great day! it sounds like my idea of a great day out. Sadly, my beloved does not share my penchant for a rummage in charity shops.

  2. And I didn't even mention the ice cream in the park, or the lovely coffee with cheese toasties, or the pizza and beers that rounded the day off... You should watch your back, lady - we're thinking of rummaging in your neck of the woods tomorrow. Cackle!

  3. What a fab day out. I love it when things go slightly wrong then get even better! I am very jealous of those Blackpool cards. I have a lovely 'Souvenir from Blackpool' plate, with a drawing of the tower made fancy by a border of blue roses!


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