Friday, April 10, 2009

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I just came across this amazing picture via Meet Me At Mike's and couldn't resist sharing it here immediately. When I was little, those four-coloured Bic pens seemed like the height of stationery opulence to me. Seeing one in a new light like this brought all those old feelings of stationery fervour flooding back. Mmmmm.

I want to make fabric versions of real life things today. It would be so much fun to rummage in the drawers and cupboards and say, 'I'll make a fabric verion of this can/stapler/book/key...' I'm meant to be going into work though. Blah. It would even be kind of fun to be in an empty school during the holidays but that's just it - it's the holidays and I have other things I want to be doing (like making fabric versions of household objects). I won't get back from France until late on the last day of the holidays. I'm trying to honestly assess whether I'd be ready for next term if I just turned up on the Monday morning. Probably not... But then what is the worst that could happen? I just want someone to tell me not to go. Could that person be you? (Do it!) In making your judgement, bear in mind that this is my last day of total freedom as I have plans for tomorrow and then jet off on Sunday, leaving my craft supplies behind... To be honest, even if I do stay in I MUST KNIT. I think I am about to accept that my baby knitting is not going to be finished in time. Waaaaah! 

I'll have a cup of tea and a think.  And a knit.  And a sew.  And... then it may just be too late to go to work :)

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  1. get a grip of yourself - don't go! also, take your knitting with you and finish it whilst you are there. Problems=solved.

    ps i used to love those pens. i would really like one for modern day usage.


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