Saturday, September 24, 2011

I got mail!

Royal Mail Cycle by kenjonbro
Royal Mail Cycle, a photo by kenjonbro on Flickr.

The postman just arrived with the five-foot-long pillow I bought myself on ebay. I think he came in a van rather than by bike (unless he was balancing the pillow on his head and had no other deliveries to make) but this picture was nicer. I'm beyond excited about my new pillow, honestly. I have high hopes for a full night's pillow-cuddling sleep this evening. It's just a shame there will no longer be any room for Graham in the bed ;)

I actually had a better sleep than usual last night (well, until I woke up irreparably at 5.30am) because the cats decided to leave me in peace. I've just found out this was because they were harassing my parents all night instead. Ha ha!


  1. A five foot long pillow? I'm jealous!

  2. oooooh luxury!! I had a spare (very old) pillow that used to spend the night between my thighs to stop the achy hips. I always longed for a massive pillow to accomodate my bump and arms too. Enjoy and sleep well x

  3. I still didn't sleep last night really, but the pillow definitely helped my hips more than the standard-sized pillow had been, so I am hopeful for the future!

    JacBer, you're not the only one who's jealous - had to fight the cats for possession a few times throughout the night!


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