Sunday, September 18, 2011

punto cruz - for you to use

When I was in Aberfeldy with my parents last month, I picked up this ancient and fusty-smelling booklet of patterns from Peru in an antique shop for a bargainous 50p. The colours and some of the images are amazing. I'm guessing the most obvious use for them would be cross-stitch (I think that is what "punto cruz" translates as) but I also think they'd make the most fantastic beading designs. One of the craft books that Marceline very kindly sent me during her great spring clear-out of 2011 had some very good beading instructions, if I remember rightly, so I might give that a try some day, even though it is not on the Craftathon 2011 list. Coincidentally, Marceline has just mentioned on her blog that she's planning to pursue various grid-based projects over the coming months, so you'd probably get a few more ideas of how to use these patterns over on her blog.

Anyway, I'm happy for you to use these designs in your own projects. You should be able to click on the images to see a larger version. Make sure you leave a comment to let me know if you do use them because I'd love to see the finished results! I've divided the images into vaguely themed sections. Enjoy :)






  1. omg those are GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE love LURVE them!!! One of my goals is to do PAPER mosaics, before I bother trying with stone. I think these would be perfect to try out :) I am afraid i am not that good at cross stitch. The thread always knots and I have a tangled half finished mess. :)

    1. Paper mosaic sounds like a great idea for these. Let me know how you get on :)


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