Monday, September 12, 2011

other people's weekends

I don't have too much news to share from the last couple of weekends, one of which I spent working and the other of which I spent extreme resting and seeking medical help, so I thought I would show you some evidence of Graham's weekends instead. Last weekend he appeared back from his cycle with this great sewing box under his arm. Somebody on the other side of Glasgow had been throwing it out and, eagle-eyed man that he is, he rescued it from the pile of rubbish on the street and brought it home because he thought I might like it. He was right, I do! And it's yet more incentive to get the craft room organised, something I had intended to tackle this weekend, but failed to do. The sewing box needs a little repair done to the handle (just a screw that's come loose on one side) and a clean then it will be ready to come in handy. I wonder how much of the craft room I could fit into my two sewing boxes... Probably quite a lot of it if I was ruthless.
This weekend Graham was helping his mum and dad to sort out his gran's flat because she went into a home recently. He came home with this really cute box of candles to show me. On the other side, his gran has written "14" above the 24 and there are indeed 14 candles left. That is the level of organisation that I aspire to! The candles are very small and skinny and are a mixture of pale blue, pale pink and white. I wonder how old they are and who the first ten were used for.
On his way to his mum and dad's, Graham had to pass through Govan. As soon as he set foot outside the underground station, a slightly dodgy-looking couple shouted for him to come over. He was a bit unsure, but since they had a baby with them, he figured it should be safe enough. It turned out they had just come from their baby's christening and wanted to give Graham this little bag with two biscuits and two pound coins in it because he was the first man they had seen after the christening. Apparently this is traditional. We had never heard of it before, but Graham's mum says she remembers people doing that in the good old days.

This weekend I had to go to the out of hours doctor because my back was in bleedin' agony and it was suspected that I might have had a urinary tract infection, which you're apparently meant to get sorted out quick stylee if you're pregnant. Well, the good news is that I didn't have a urinary tract infection (just a bad back, probably from working too many hours last week) but the bad news is that I have a wonky heart instead! Apparently my heart does an extra beat every ten beats or so. The doctor I saw said it was quite likely to be yet another pregnancy side effect (what?! why on earth would that happen?!) and nothing to worry about, but I have to go and see my own GP to get it traced or something. The doctor was surprised I couldn't feel it, but in hindsight I do remember lying in bed the other week and complaining to Graham that my pulse kept doing crazy things. Hmm... Anyway, I spent the rest of Saturday lying on the sofa and my back was much better for it by Sunday, which was good and means it most likely was just a muscular thing, painful for me but harmless for the baby. I took it easy on Sunday too, but in a more sociable way as my friend Kristy came round and we spent the entire afternoon drinking tea and eating biscuits in front of the fire. Lovely :)

But thank goodness for Graham and his leaving the house now and again or we would have had no photos to look at!


  1. Fab sewing box :) I still have one I bought years ago waiting to be fixed...... I suffered uti's when pregnant with both girls and yes they can be serious (hospitalised both times!) but luckily they were caught early although since I have had an infection spread to my kidneys which wasn't nice! Anyway enough of that, glad you are feeling better!

  2. Love the sewing box - what a great find!
    A drinking tea and eating biscuits day sounds divine :-)
    Take care of yourself

  3. Yeah, it's great having a second pair of eyes scouring the streets!

    Thanks for the well wishes :)

  4. I had a sewing box like that years ago.
    Re the candles, my mum had candles in that packaging.

    I am 60 but I don't know how old my sister and I would've been when she had the candles

  5. I've had a sewing box like that on my eBay watch list for ages, must start dropping hints before Christmas...

    I hope you are feeling much better now, I had a really un-fun pregnancy (will spare you the grim details) and to add insult to injury, I went right off tea and haven't been able to stomach it ever since. So I am really pleased to hear about you enjoying your tea and biscuits, sounds just lovely!

  6. Thanks, Wendy :) I can't imagine who the candles would have been used for if they were from the late 50s/early 60s - that would fall right between two generations in Graham's family. Maybe they kept the same packaging for a long time though, or maybe his gran brought out the candles for her own birthday every year!

    Good luck with your sewing box hunt, Katy. I remember wanting one so badly when I was little (a friend had one) and now I am lucky enough to have two. Yay! I had gone right off tea until recently (when I forced myself to drink a cup out of politeness). I had also gone off cheese, which terrified me. Now I am back on cheese and tea, but off coffee and curry. And I am definitely on, on, on with chocolate and with ice cream!


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