Sunday, September 18, 2011

in which I leave the house for reasons other than work

Yesterday Graham and I went out for a day's charity shopping and, for the second time in a row (and ever, probably) I didn't buy a single thing. This time I didn't even see anything that tempted me. What is going on? However, I still had a really good day, one of the highlights being a visit to Govanhill Baths as part of Doors Open weekend.
The paint was peeling off the ceiling in a very dramatic style.
This is the ceiling in the room with the baths. The pool is reopening quite soon in three stages. I think they said it would be completely up and running in four years' time. They're not going to have baths (I mean bath baths, not swimming pool baths) any more and this bit is going to get turned into some sort of garden to begin with to grow fruit and vegetables to use in the cafe they'll have downstairs, then later on the garden will move to the roof and this space will be used for health workshops and other community-type events.
Round windows always look good, even if they are a bit broken.
This is the medium-sized of the three pools in the building, known as the ladies' pond. Our tour guide was saying they need to change the height of the cubicle doors as ladies are taller these days. I had to chuckle, imagining all the boobies jiggling about over the tops of the doors.
The tiles were still in really good condition mostly and it's a listed building, so I guess they'll be trying to preserve as much as possible.
Our plan for the weekend was to see a few more Doors Open buildings today, but my hips have given up the ghost from all the walking about yesterday (my midwife reckons I have sciatica and that this is also what's giving me a bad back) so we are just going to go to the cinema instead. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy is showing at the cinema just down the road, so we'll probably go and see that. I'm sure it will be good. This will be our third cinema trip in five days - we're really packing them in before the baby arrives! I haven't been doing very well in my ambition to start watching pleasant films, but I have enjoyed the gruesome and grim films we've watched this week. Mind you, it is kind of strange to feel a baby wriggling about inside you as you watch someone get their head smashed in with a hammer... Incidentally, on our way to the cinema the other night, Graham found a £20 note lying on the pavement. This paid for our tickets and left us with enough change to buy an ice cream each. Having ice cream in a big multi-screen cinema was a very novel experience for us and getting it for free was even more fun. Hooray!

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