Saturday, January 17, 2009

Daytime telly

Lola has become a bit of a telly addict.  Her favourite show is Animal Park with Ben Fogle and Kate Humble (that's what she's watching here) but she also enjoys horse racing and snooker.  She spent nearly a whole afternoon like this last weekend.  

It's been a tough week at work for me and I am brain and body tired.  In my first ever P.E. lesson, I accidentally worked my class so hard that one of them ended up vomiting on the gym hall floor.  And that was probably the high point of my week!  I'm so glad it's the weekend and I'm planning to take a leaf out of Lola's book for at least part of the day... but maybe not with Animal Park.


  1. My doggie will happily sit and bark through an episode of any dog related tv show. The pics of your cat are great! My sister recently moved to Scotland, how's the weather?

  2. There's a storm brewing tonight, I think, but Lola is on my lap watching an old film about Oliver Cromwell with me so I feel pretty cosy :) Thanks for stopping by!


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