Sunday, January 18, 2009

haunted houses and pro printers

Have you read this book?  If not, you certainly should.  I couldn't resist buying a copy for myself when I was Christmas shopping in the children's book department.  The illustrations are amazing and the characters and story are adorable.  Who knew you could find so many uses for pesky household ghosts?  Perfect for this time of make do and mend!  

I'm loving lino/block/whatever printing a lot at the moment.  Tonight I'm sporting two very painful fingers from my own attempt - my first attempt in a very long time - but I'm still itching to try again.  What's a little blood loss between friends?  Such is the price of art!

Talking of printing, I think I mentioned Willie Rodger briefly before but I wanted to share an image since I'm on an accidental block printing roll here(!) and the colours of this one are a bit like Kazuno Kohara's illustrations.
(Willie Rodger linocut.  Image from the lovely I like)

I first saw this print on the walls of Stirling University when I was (briefly) studying there.  I seem to remember (or did I imagine it?) that, as well as this print, there was a print of people in a gallery looking at this print.  I would love to have them hanging in my house.  Sigh...

If I'm prepared to sacrifice a few more finger tips, maybe I could create something nearly as wonderful myself.  Hee!  Tonight I'm wearing a badge that says, "I make cool stuff."  I'm wearing it partly for braggart reasons and partly to boost my ego.  It's such a fun badge.  I received it along with a decoration in the cake and pie handmade decoration swap and it was made by Bridget Benton.  If you ever happen to read this, Bridget, thank you for the badge and for the decoration - I love them both!

Wow.  This was all set to be my shortest post ever at two sentences.  Maybe this blogging business is starting to come more naturally to me.


  1. I treated my niece to that book at Halloween, she was a bit young for it, but I liked it so much I had to buy it, and I can always steal it back from her later maybe.

  2. I persuaded my mum to get it for my niece for Christmas, even though she had already bought her present and she was determined not to spoil her. Grannies are so malleable! I'd recommend stealing it back now before your niece gets old enough to stand up for herself :)


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