Sunday, January 11, 2009


This weekend's outing attempt was an out and out disaster so... just as well I hadn't posted any pictures from last week's outing!  Graham and I went to the necroplis.  We went there just after we met but hadn't been since so it was nice to go back.  Everything looks so dramatic and I'm sure there are many more strange and wonderful things left to discover on the gravestones and their inscriptions.
Being so high up, you can't help but notice that you are right in the heart of the city but it feels like you're somewhere else altogether at the same time.  I liked the way the chimney in the distance started to look like one of the gravestones. 
These worn faces had names above them but I forget what they were.  I thought the man's hat was quite dapper and unusual.
These animal heads were round the doorway of what looked like a strange little house but I guess must have been a very grand family tomb.
I thought it was so nice and yet so sad and not nice at all that someone in the service of the Euing family was buried alongside Mr Euing and his... mother (I think) in such a grand setting.   I wonder what else there is to know about this family.  I'm sure there's a story there somewhere!
This plain headstone seemed so dignified and straight to the point.
In contrast to the simple headstones, this gravestone for a 19th century actor called John Henry Alexander  is suitably dramatic.  The inscription reads:

Fallen is the curtain - the last scene is o'er:
The favourite actor treads life's stage no more.
Oft lavish plaudits from the crowd he drew,
And laughing eyes confess'd his humour true.
Here fond affection rears this sculptured stone
For virtues, not enacted, but his own - 
A constancy unshaken unto death,
A truth unswerving and a christian's faith.
Who knew him best have cause to mourn him most,
Oh weep the man more than the actor lost.
Unnumber'd parts he play'd yet to the end,
His best were those of Husband, Father, Friend.


  1. Love the animal heads. They are creepy and interesting. :)

  2. Now that you've commented, I realise they remind me of some of the stonemasonry pictures you've had on your blog. I like the creepiness of them too. I think they look like people who've been turned into animals but still have a touch of the human about them... Or something like that! Thanks for stopping by :)


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