Sunday, August 30, 2009

reunited with my stressed out hairy babies

Originally uploaded by gemma correll

We have been babysitting Graham's two nieces this weekend. One of them is terrified of cats so Poppy and Lola have to be locked up in a single room the whole time. The other one terrifies the cats by going in to play with them when there is nowhere for them to escape to. They've just left, much to the cats' relief! This picture (by Gemma Correll) pretty much sums up my feelings towards my Poppy and Lola today :)

Fortunately, Graham's nieces are very nice and we did have some fun. We went to the Dr Who exhibition, the transport museum and then the University Cafe for macaroni and chips. We watched the X Factor and then this morning, after being woken up at 6.20am (grrr!) I played numerous games of ludo while Graham indulged himself with a long lie (double grrr!). This was good as I LOVE ludo and Graham is usually too scared to play the master (a.k.a. me) at it. I didn't lose a single game today. In your face little girls!


  1. You are supposed to let the little girls win :)

  2. Nah. What would that teach them about the harsh realities of life? :)
    They took it surprisingly well, you know. One of them actually said, "I might always be losing but I am getting to know your style and picking up some tips..." Ha! She'll be back when she's eighteen to take my ludo crown!


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