Thursday, August 27, 2009

tiny cardboard models and a general update

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I think I first favourited these amazing models of analogue musical thingummies (by Dan McPharlin) before I started blogging so thought I'd drop in and share them. The detail is amazing. Have a look at this picture to get the scale. Yowser! Tiny!

I realise I haven't really posted about anything that I've been doing since I've been on holiday but I have been fairly productive. For example, I have been busy making zip brooches this week. I'm making good progress but think I will have to abandon my idea of a giant fishbowl full of them. I've only managed to make 23 (plus 11 for a wholesale order - woo hoo!) so far. They haven't even got backs on yet which is another 12 hours work or so... I think I'd need around 300 to make my vision a reality and that just ain't going to happen!

The other thing I have been busy doing is job hunting. I have recently gone from being officially on holiday to being an official jobless wonder and it feels very different and not at all good. I've found a job I really want (something that perfectly combines all my random qualifications - what are the chances!?) so I've been working hard on my application for that. I hate doing job applications. Boo. I want to be headhunted and let someone else do all the hard work :) I think it's the job hunting (or the lack of the job and the fear of starting a new one) that has been making me feel a bit poopy lately, but having a good one to aim for does make me feel a bit better, even if the chances are slim.

I'm feeling hopeful about the market that was meant to be happening at the Lighthouse, hence the manic zip brooch making. It looks like it MIGHT still go ahead as planned (that would be so brilliant!) but may have to move to a different venue. If it does have to move to the other venue, not everybody will fit in so some crafters may have to get the chop! Oh no! I hope I don't get axed... Touch wood! The Made in the Shade girls have been brilliant at keeping everyone up to date and forming contingency plans. I am very impressed!

Right, I'm off to indulge my daytime telly desires (it's the slippery slope of unemployment... oh dear...) and watch Pointless on BBC2. Have you seen it? It's a gameshow, a bit like Family Fortunes except you have to try and find the answers that nobody thought of. It's great! Honest!

p.s. I haven't forgotten the embroidered tree tutorial I promised to do but the cloudy weather is not making for good photo light in my flat. I will do it at the first sunny opportunity. Come back, sun!

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