Thursday, April 8, 2010

Achoo! (bless you)

Or achoum as I believe they say in France. In another cross-continental psychic connection, my sister has become obsessed with buying vintage handkerchiefs just as I have become obsessed with making them!
After weeks of plotting and a week of prototyping (oh, the failures do make me sad to look at!) I now have a suitcase full of gorgeous handkerchiefs made from various vintage fabrics to take to market. Yippee! They turned out to be not quite as simple to make as I had imagined, but I am so happy with them. The ones shown here were actually just the beginning. The whole pile now looks like a popping riot of florals and colourful borders. I even have a few fluorescent-edged ones. (I loved fluorescent everything in the '80s. I remember learning the word fluorescent from Crayola crayons. It was so exciting then and it still is now... in hankie format at least!)
Much as the handkerchiefs look lovely in this suitcase, I don't think it is the best way to display them at the market. I want people to be able to flick through them all and choose their absolute favourite as they really are all unique little individuals of vintage/handmade loveliness. I was thinking a washing line, but how would you make a table-top washing line? Also, they do look gorgeous just sitting in a big colourful pile. There is hardly a single one I will not cry to part with - I will have to pick one out for myself to wipe all those tears away...

Handkerchief is such a lovely word, I think. During my first three years at primary school, my teacher used to write the word 'Handkerchief' (in super-loopy joined-up writing) on the blackboard first thing each and every morning and we all had to show that we had our handkerchief with us. If we didn't have it (or if we claimed it was in our jacket pocket and then came back from the cloakroom with the tell-tale tracing-paper toilet roll!) then our name was written on the blackboard under the super-loopy joined-up 'Handkerchief'. I'm not sure what happened once you were on the list... Obviously I never forgot my handkerchief!


  1. They look awesome! You could tie them up in a little bow with a label or something? A washing line would be great, but difficult - you could do two long canes and some string with some dainty pegs, as long as you had strong tape to affix to side of table? The fabrics are fantastic!

  2. Thank you, both :)

    I'm liking the ribbon idea, but am a bit torn because anything involving folding hides so much of the pattern. There is something special about them all flat and ironed... Oh, dilemmas! I will experiment and get bck to you.

  3. in the shop we have two washing line type creations. we've used twine and pinned it across the top of our shelves at either end. perhaps something similar would work on the front of the table on your stall??

  4. Thanks for the suggestion. I will give it a try :)

  5. Love them! Are they off into your shop too? x

  6. Not for the moment, I'm afraid. They are currently craft market exclusives ;) I've run out of room in my shopify (need to have a wee clear out!) and am never convinced it's worth paying to list small items like this in etsy, but I will see how the land lies after their debut next weekend.


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