Tuesday, April 6, 2010

mouses in houses

Prepare to have the cockles of your heart warmed... My sister, Kerry, sent a Christmas card to our Auntie Frances this year. She is much better at sending Christmas cards than I am. When Kerry was four, our granny took her to London to visit Auntie Frances (our granny's sister) for a holiday. I do remember how unfair it seemed that Kerry had a) been on a plane b) been on holiday with Granny c) been to London and d) ridden a camel at London zoo! This last one particularly smarted. I had to wait until well into my twenties to see London and even then I had to take myself there and did not see a single camel, but I'm not bitter... Anyway, in Kerry's card to Auntie Frances, she was saying how funny it is to think that her oldest daughter is now the age she was when she took that trip to London. She said that she still remembered how much she had loved my Auntie Frances' family of handmade mice and the peg-dolly lady they lived with.
A few weeks later, who should arrive in the post to France, but a box full of mice looking for a new home! Their peg dolly came with them as did a note saying that they would be happy to live anywhere as long as they were never parted from their (gigantic) pet caterpillar. That's him there on the bottom right of the picture. Tee hee! How lovely is that?! Luckily, this house that Kerry had found at a car boot sale was looking for lodgers at exactly the same time! And don't the mice look happy in their new home?

I also got some nice mail lately, but I will try to come back and share that later.


  1. They are so cute :-)
    Reminds me of a mouse I got in the Peak District when I was very young. Now the only ones I see are the ones the cats bring in!

  2. They are lovely, aren't they? I've got a pattern for making felt mice. They're a bit diferent to this, but I think I might have to make myself some... just like I had to take myself to London :( Ha!


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