Friday, May 24, 2013

what is a terrorbite anyway?

bunting by dropstitch
bunting, a photo by dropstitch on Flickr.

I got an email from flickr this morning letting me know that they've increased their free storage to a terabyte. I'm not very good with bytes etc, but I'm pretty certain that's massive. This is all very good timing as I was (reluctantly) about to pay to go pro again so that I could use my flickr account to back up the photos from my Mac. My Mac is currently unusable and is refusing to let me do anything (and I mean ANYTHING) until I delete some files. I've ordered an external hard drive, but once you start contemplating losing all your photos (and designs and whatever else) you start to wonder whether a hard drive is reliable enough either. And so I had decided to get back into flickr. And now it looks like I won't even have to pay. Yay!

In the meantime (God knows when I'll find the time required to transfer/upload and delete everything) it's exciting to be able to see more than my last 200 photos. This is the first photo I ever shared on flickr. This feels like decades ago. I was quite surprised to realise this was only taken in 2007, a mere six years ago. I spend a lot of time worrying that 23 to death-at-indeterminate-age will pass in a flash and nothing will have changed and I won't have done anything, so it's quite nice to see that I have done and changed quite a lot just since the age of 27, even if it is just making some stuff and getting new glasses/cutting my hair off, rather than buying property or becoming a company director or getting married or what have you.

Anyway, this photo. This is me holding some giant cupcake bunting that I made for my eldest niece's birthday. Kim will be eight this year, so I guess this was for her second birthday. I spent ages making this bunting (which Kim still has up in her bedroom - yay!) sewing up all the felt icing by hand and hand-stitching on all the different beads for sprinkles. I used to love taking time to complete rambling and over-ambitious handmade projects, doing things maybe not in the fastest way, but pottering and learning as I went and having something fun to show/share at the end of it. I'm always hoping to get back to that sort of crafting (one of my reasons for shutting up shop on etsy) and I think maybe blogging etc. makes it harder - you feel like you should constantly have new things to share. But I have quite a few plans now of things I want to make for Dulcie and for our house, so hopefully I'll get back to my 2007 levels of slow but solid craftiness eventually. That said, I haven't found so much as a minute to attempt to sew up Dulcie's romper suit since I got back from my mum and dad's, and she is busy growing out of her crocheted cardigan while I try to find the time to attach buttons. I won't be too hard on myself about this though. Dulcie is a bit under the weather this week and it has made her into a mum limpet. I can't even go to the toilet or check a single email without it turning into a major drama (I'm making the most of her illness-induced long lie to type this) so there is really no way I could embark on a project that actually demanded time and attention. But soon, soon! I don't know when or how, but (I repeat) soon!

I used to use flickr a lot before I had a blog. You should go and have a look at all the fun and pointless things I used to make and do. It's fun to look at, or it is for me, at least. I should really start using flickr properly again. My brand of "properly", I mean, i.e. snaps of life's minutae - things made and things spotted in the street. 

But time, time, time... ya bass!



  1. I really like this cup cake bunting, its a lovely idea and your niece must love it :) I know what you mean about time passing by so quickly and it feels hard to catch up, but I'm sure you'll make some lovely things soon :) Safxxx

    1. Thank you, Saffa. I now have the buttons for the cardigan so I'll be able to sew them on in my lunch break tomorrow and will actually have a completed project to share! Wowsers! Good luck on your own quest to squeeze in more time for creating too :)


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