Friday, August 9, 2013

new favourite photos

 Yet more photos of Dulcie and I.  What a happy pair we make, huh?  Dulcie bursts into fits of giggles every time she sees this picture.
 The look of love... La la la la...
 And a couple of Dulcie on her own, just to dilute my presence.
The eagle-eyed amongst you (or those with a great memory) might remember Dulcie used to wear this top as a dress about a year ago.  I think a top is its intended purpose as it sits very nicely.  We're really getting our money's worth out of that 50p price tag!

p.s. She seems to have made a full recovery from her bee sting and just has a wee red dot to show off to anyone who asks her about it - "Bee, there, cry."

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