Friday, March 18, 2011


Elgin's charity shops were very kind to me last week. As well as an abundance of vintage craft books (I'll try to share them soon) I got this Farm Dictionary. You may think this would not be very useful to a city dweller like myself, but I have already learned that FYM means farmyard manure, which I'm sure will be a very handy new expletive.
How could I resist this cover? When I brought this book home, my sister squealed because she had so nearly bought it herself the week before. Lucky for me, she decided there wasn't enough room in her suitcase for it! I have a small shelf set aside in the living room for books that are more beautiful than they are useful and this title is right at home there already.
The fact it had come from Pluscarden Abbey (a beautiful monastery in Elgin with real live bee-keeping monks) gave it that little extra something too.
Right, off to eat lunch and learn to crochet ripples before more subtitling beckons.

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