Sunday, March 20, 2011

lacy caterpillar

"bobbin lace"
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My lunchtime crochet session went so badly today that I have no photos to share. I'm convinced that if I could get past the stage of crocheting into the foundation chain that I would be fine. Unfortunately I am incapable of getting past that stage to test my theory. By the end of my lunch break today I had a knot of rage in my belly and wanted to throw my crochet right out the window. I am going to persevere, but seeing this gorgeous bit of lace making (and this frankly incredible lace picture - look!) makes me want to ditch the crochet and move onto lace. Sigh... I will persevere with the crochet for a while longer, but I'm not promising not to get my bobbins out before the week is over!


  1. It is true once you break crochet it is easy promise, have you tried vid tutorials. I SO badly want to learn bobbin lace my mum used to do it and it's one thing I never got to learn from her. Now she is naughty and lives in Spain very inconsiderate!

  2. And my sister, who could help me to crochet, lives in France! Poor us, coming from such selfish families ;)

    I'm thinking a video tutorial might help, though I'm fairly sure I can see where the hook is MEANT to go, it just won't go in there. I might have a wee search for some videos later though. Definitely worth a try!

  3. Hi there. I'm crocheting the very same blanket as you mentioned below(my first bit of crochet) but I've cheated a bit at the beginning by turning the chain around and crocheting into the other side - the wee loop in the middle (much easier to do than into the V). I'm sure this is a heinous crime in the world of crochet but doesn't seem to make much difference when you get going. Blanket is now about a foot long (over 5 wide) and I can now even speak to my other half while doing it - so it does get easier! - Arlene

  4. I struggled with this for ages too until i realised where the stitch was and always made sure i put my hook through the "V" Once you find the "V" you are golden! Good luck! :)

  5. Thanks for the encouragement :) I had a bit of a breakthrough today by lowering my standards and bending the rules, so I'm full of the crochet joys again. Photos to follow shortly!


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