Thursday, March 17, 2011

let the craftathon commence!

Would you believe me if I told you that I learned how to crochet on my lunch break today? Well, I did! I'm planning to make a ripple blanket so I had to learn how to do triple stitch first.
Fortunately I found this book in a charity shop the other day and it had instructions for triple stitch as well as some awesome boots to make. Unfortunately I couldn't understand the triple stitch instructions. Fortunately my workmate Veronica had been taught to crochet by her granny (over a quarter of a century ago as she pointed out) and was able to help me make a bit more sense of them :)

So now I can do triple stitch. I'm going to practise that for a little while longer yet and then start practising my rippling. It feels good to be learning something new and I think I could really like crochet. I'll keep you posted.

Hopefully I'll be back on the old blog again soon. Work is a bit mental at the moment, with long shifts and not many days off (hence the lunch break crochet session) but I aim to be back soon with some tales from the charity shops of Elgin and Glasgow. I've had some great luck in that department over the last week or so.

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